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Welcome to Hurley Patentee Lighting, home of authentic colonial lighting reproductions. Located in the historic Hudson Valley of NY, the manor home of the Hurley Patent is situated on a 1720 land grant from the English crown.The 1696 Dutch cottage gained the addition in 1745 of an impressive Georgian mansion. In 1957 this gem of history captured the hearts of Stephen and Carolyn Waligurski. Upon completing a 10 year restoration of the spacious country mansion, search began to provide appropriate 18th century lighting fixtures which would, as well, serve the needs of modern family living; ever mindful of the centuries of varied lighting which served the previous generations of occupants. "Lighting the Darkness" began with the fireplace, torch, and betty lamps. Candles were a luxury in the 17th century but became more available for use as living situations were more agreeable. Primitive table, ceiling, and wall candleholders gave way to creative and elaborate designs. When scarcity limited the search for antique fixtures, Stephen and Carolyn began research in museums and various written texts for suitable designs to craft fixtures "in-house"; faithful in character, integrity and authenticity to accurately resemble the antique originals. Stephen drew upon his background of metal skills and Hurley Patentee Lighting was inaugurated!
All work is performed on the Manor grounds. Each wood centerpost is hand-turned on a lathe. All metal parts are shaped on lathes or by hand from raw materials. Solder or rivets are used to join parts, true to the originals. Wood and metal finishes accurately duplicate a look of mellowed aging. The only modification is in electrifying the fixture if you so choose. Even here, electrified candles are made to resemble aged, dripped candles. This melding of craftsmanship and authenticity guarantee the outstanding quality of each and every Hurley Patentee Lighting fixture. 
Since our first catalog printing in 1972, Hurley Patentee Lighting has gained recognition nationally and abroad. Our fixtures can be found in numerous homes and historic sites across the country. Our clientele extends as far as Ireland, France, and Japan. Our work graces Delaware's original state house, Fort Drum, Epcot Center and EuroDisney , and was used in the movies Interview with a Vampire and Pirates of the Caribbean.
The passing of Hurley Patentee Lighting founder Stephen Waligurski on March 22, 2002, marked the loss of an outstanding creative talent devoted to family and to honoring the lifestyle of our American ancestors. Another great loss was felt when Carolyn passed on in August 2008. Their son and partner since 1977, Wayne, continues in the same spirit of respect for colonial ingenuity. The integrity of each lighting reproduction is assured by Wayne's dedication to a time-honored family tradition, and his uncompromising attention to detail.
Grateful acknowledgment is extended for generous recognition of Hurley Patentee Lighting in the publication by the National Trust for Historic Preservation; Lighting for Historic Buildings by Roger Moss. Hurley Patentee is appreciative to authors of other publications as well, and to those who have chosen our fixtures for their public establishments and private homes!

If you happen to be in or near the Hudson Valley region of New York, we invite you to visit our showroom located in the basement of this historic stone home and pictured here with the late Stephen and Carolyn Waligurski.

Hurley Patentee Lighting
464 Old Route 209
Hurley, NY  12443

If you're unable visit, we invite you to visit some of our other pages to view many examples of our work. We will customize any of our fixtures to suit your needs and tastes, and will even work with you to create a fixture of your design. Pleae understand that all custom work is performed on an "as-time-permits" basis.

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