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Handcrafting ensures that each of our American Colonial and Early American Chandeliers are unique 
All of our antique and vintage light fixtures are available with candles or wired for electric
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CH101TA Colonial Dignity Chandelier
14"H x 24"W
Available as CH101T with 8 arms 

CH127 Massachusettes Tavern Chandelier 23"H x 34"W
Available as CH127a with 12 arms

CH119 Meeting House Chandelier
20"H x 41"W

CH116 Country Chandelier
11"H x 14"W

Available with 3, 4, or 5 arms

CH120 3 Lamp Chandelier

22"H x 17"W
Available as CH120a with 4 lamps

CH117 Iron Ring Chandelier

20"H x 14"W

CH112 Sugar Cone Chandelier
(3 or 4 arms)

15"H x 23"W
Also available as CH112a with 5 arms

CH105 Inverted Pierced Cone

16"H x 24"W
Available as CH105a with 5 branches

CH122a Primitive 3 Branch Chandelier
12"H x 14"W

CH122 Primitive 5 Branch Chandelier
14"H x 21"W

CH100a Cone Center Candelier

18"H x 30" W
Available as CH100 w/ 8 branches 

CH126 Flowing Fountain

20"H x 36" W
Available as CH126a w/ 8 branches
Available as CH126aa w/ 6 branches 

Cathedral Chandelier
60" x 24"

Also available as CH108a, 6 over6

Mighty Hudson Chandelier
32" x 20"
Classic urn-over-urn antique ash, cherry, or oak, center
post hand-turned on lathe with tubular flowing arms

Shown 4 over 8, also available 6 over 6 or 3 over 9

American Chandelier
24" x 34"

Pictured with 12 over 12
Also available as CH121a, 8 over 8


Bird Hook Chandelier

24"H x 10"W 20"H
Available as CH115 w/ 4 arms

Pendant Light Chandelier

16"H x 12"W

Angel Skirt Chandelier
Oiled Finish

12"H x 10"W

Angel Skirt Chandelier
Painted Finish

12"H x 10"W